The Naughty Faery's Rants

Being Good Is Overrated

The Naughty Faery Herself
5 November
There have been bumps, there have been pitfalls. Friends sometimes come & go & I have morn the loss of them regardless of how they have ended. Life goes on. What I HAVE learned from all of it so far is to be true to myself. True to who I really am. Sometimes crass, sometimes blunt, but at least I'm honest. Show me your true self & you will have a friend for life. Show me a masque or a fasade of who you really are, I'll more than likely ignore you. I've spent too much time worrying about what others think of me & less on ME. When I realised that in spite of what others say or think, I'm very proud of the person I am & it's time that I embraced that. & if others can't take that than they can get out of my way.

I teach classes on Crafting, Tarot, Faeries & Meditation. I make what I like to call "wearable art" (wings, jewelry, wreaths, crowns, & now clothing) & have created a system that I call Faery Borrowing. Not to mention that I've turned out not to be a bad photographer as well.

This journal is for friends only. If you wish to be added to the mix, e-mail me or instant message me on yahoo.

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